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I was fortunate enough to get a trip to India with my work, as I was in that part of Asia I decided to extend my trip and go trekking in Nepal. It hadn’t ever been a burning passion but now the opportunity had arisen the challenge of trekking to Everest base camp was irresistible
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Our mission is to offer traveler’s unforgetable experiences through our wide range of selective, high quality and value for money packages.The website is designed for you to make your travel plan easier,secure and More affordable.Our operation team is available at any time to ensure your comfort with us.
Customer care is as ever our highest priority, with attention to detail guaranteed before, during and after the trip.

Who is behind the scenes?
Naresh has had extensive experience guiding both treks and tours in the widely acclaimed tourism industry of Nepal. He has built steadily on the reputation of the field which has grown from humble beninnings to its present success. Encourgaing this is Sarba’s keen interest in both the nature and culture of this fasinating country.
Naresh's ’ university education, complemented by guding qualifications and a decade of experience ranging from expert climbing instruction through to accomplished guiding at alitudes of over 6,000m ensures any would be client of a professional, thorough and ultimatley enjoyable experience.
Far from being just a proven and accomplished trekking guide, Naresh also adds skills ranging from tours, mountain biking and rock climbing, through to kayaking and rafting to his repitage. This outdoor experience is backed by a complete knowledge of sales and marketing in the office, thus making any adventure a smooth endevour right from your first contact, be that from this very website or via the multiple points of contact Sarba offers, i.e. email, phone, fax.

What makes us special?
Price - Competetive and fair, simply put, the best possible service for your money.
Quality – Ensuring both quality and discretion, our pride in both our countries cultural and natural heritages allows a service that offers at first hand, the wonders of this majestiful corner of the world.
Selection -We offer almost all activities imaginable in Nepal, and extend these through to both Bhutan and Tibet.
Service - We appriciate the signifience of human touch as well custumer’s anticipation of quick response, that’s why we man our customer care services around the clock. Further More, we provide many other tools, information and assistance to make your visit to our website as pleasant and trouble free as possible.
Staff - Within this close knit company, our staff are extended allowances to cater for any happening on any trip, and are all of course, fully insured. Staff are also highly professional, hard working, dedicated, curious and never afraid of new challenges -

The way we lead

Culture should be a way of life but not an industry. We consistently enforce this ethic and believe ourselves to be an efficient organizer of eco-travel.

The tourism boom in Nepal has generated foreign currency revenue but few of us have realized an improvement in their standared of living. In fact, in many communities influx of visitors have come at a considerable cost.
In various places, trekking and climbing groups have left littered trails and degraded forest in their wake. But, it is possible to preserve the natural and cultural heritages through the promotion of sustainable eco-tourism.

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