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I was fortunate enough to get a trip to India with my work, as I was in that part of Asia I decided to extend my trip and go trekking in Nepal. It hadn’t ever been a burning passion but now the opportunity had arisen the challenge of trekking to Everest base camp was irresistible
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Tourist safety – NEPAL IS SAFE.

Due to the much publicized Maoist revolution taking place in Nepal over the last 16 years, the safety of the area has been called in to question many times by locals and tourists alike. However, the truth of the matter is, even in the height of dispute, Nepal was, and is continually proving to be, a safe and well travelled option for both foreign men and women. Due to the economical benefits that tourism attracts to the area, tourists have never been either a target, or even an issue, for any of the conflicting parties throughout previously difficult times. To put any further doubts at rest, peace talks have ensued, and the country appears to be towards a peaceful solution that before now had proved elusive. These recent developments have left a nation looking forward to a bright, and More importantly safe future, allowing locals to once More indulge their ample natural resources, and More significantly, share these with the world.
We are further aware of any issues single women may be wary of when coming to the area. It is therefore important to once More proclaim the countries safety and dispel any myths associated with the area. Women have been traveling both the Himalaya and lower lands throughout Nepal for over five decades, including many notable mountaineering achievements in the higher reaches. Sarba has had the pleasure of guiding both individuals, mixed and same sex groups in his vast experience has yet to encounter any problems concerning that of ageism, ethnicity or gender.
In this close-knit company, staff repest all aspects of any outward-bound adventures, including education through all fields of first aid, environment and eco tourism.

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