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I was fortunate enough to get a trip to India with my work, as I was in that part of Asia I decided to extend my trip and go trekking in Nepal. It hadn’t ever been a burning passion but now the opportunity had arisen the challenge of trekking to Everest base camp was irresistible
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Food and Shooping tour - 5 Days

Tour cost: USD 200/PP

Kathmandu valley
Shopping in Nepal is easy. With a little money and some time one can obtain the best buys this little country has to offer. It will be helpful to have a Nepali for company if a huge shopping project is at hand. Common tourist shopping items include souvenirs and trinkets like gems and jewelry. However, one should be careful while buying jewelry as assessing their quality is difficult. Hand-weaved cotton fabric is a popular buy among visitors. Some buy pashmina that this Himalayan region is famous for and some also buy fresh tea and spices.
Popular buys among visitors are local craft and artwork. Among these are the Tibetan and Newar Thangka and Paubha paintings that belong to the time when these cultures were at their peak. Visitors buy Newari woodcrafts of picture frames, windows, statues and carvings. Carpets that represent the age-old folk art of the Tibetans are also very popular. Shops have rugs on display, however, carpets can be custom made by contacting the manufacturer. Traditional Nepali paper is popular as writing pads and bound journals, calendars and lampshades.
Nepal is quite popular for its cuisine too and it shows in the increasing number of eateries in every nooks and corners of Kathmandu Valley.
Nepal has every kind of restaurants to satisfy the taste buds and palate of different types of people. You can find Thai, Mexican, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Chinese, Continental hangouts at par with the fast food joints, pubs to local restaurants which will serve you its authentic and sumptuous Nepali, Newari or Thakali food.

Day 01 Kathmandu –Bhaktpur for carved
Day 02 Bhaktapur-Patan
Day 03 Patan-Kathmandu-new road-ashon
Day 04 Kathmandu-baudhanath
Bauddhanath itself a beautifull Buddhist site but also beautiful handicraft are old enough.
Day 05 Kathmandu-Thamel



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