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I was fortunate enough to get a trip to India with my work, as I was in that part of Asia I decided to extend my trip and go trekking in Nepal. It hadn’t ever been a burning passion but now the opportunity had arisen the challenge of trekking to Everest base camp was irresistible
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Rafts / Kayak rivers.

The beautiful Himalayan ranges shape an incredible variety of whitewater challenges for paddlers in Nepal. A series of the world’s most outstanding river journeys are found here with rapids being continuous, challenging and runable for miles end. Listed below are some of the Rafts / Kayak rivers we run on a regular basis.

Sun Koshi

Sun Kosi is one of the top ten river expeditions in the world. A destination river for almost anyone coming to experience Nepal ’s white water for the first time. Mid-September to early November is optimum Sun Kosi Time. River of gold.

Kali Gandaki

The Kali begins its journey high on the Tibetan plateau of Mustang. Plunging its way down through the Himalayas, the river carves the deepest gorge in the world between the two 8000 m peaks Dhaulagiri and Annapurna .

Nepal’s longest and largest river springs forth from the base of Mt. Kailash in Tibet. Shortly after the starting point at the village of Sauli, the river drops into imposing scarcely populated canyons filled with powerful white water rapids and remote pristine beaches. One of the finest BIG volume river trips in the world, the Karnali provides a classic expedition.


The Bhote Kosi / Upper Sun Kosi is without a doubt the most action packed white water run in Nepal. The river drops off speeply providing continuous stretches of powerful iii-iv white water. Boulder gardens, small waterfalls, steep chutes and 90-degree bends present a multitude of hazards to be negotiated. The Bhote Kosi it is a technical river requiring an active crew.

Marshyangdi 4 days

The "raging river", drains the northern slopes of the Annapurna mountains. The most exciting class iv-v white water in Nepal.
Merely a hope, skip and a jump away from Kathmandu or Pokhara, the Trishuli quenches your desire for a Nepalese whitewater adventure.
Bungy Nepal at Tibet boarder may well be the most spectacular jump on the planet. At 160 meters high in a tropical gorge with the Bhote Kosi, one of the world's wildest rivers, raging below,Nepal's Ultimate Rush and one of the longest free-falls in the world.
The jump site was designed by one of New Zealand's leading Bungy consultants and has been staffed and operated by some of the most experienced Western Jump Masters in the business, working to exacting international standards to guarantee your safety.
Bungy takes place on a 166 meter wide steel suspension bridge. Swiss designed specially for bungy jumping with a 4x safety factor, the bridge has a loading factor of 250 kg per running meter.
This means that the bridge will hold 250 x 166 = 41500 kg or 41.5 tonnes. And those are Swiss measurements! Over 6000 meters of steel wire was used to build the bridge that joins two sides of a beautiful valley. Before the construction the local villagers had to walk five hours to cross the river gorge.


Cannyoing is an amazing full body and mind experience that enables you to explore some of the last forbidden places in the Himalayas. Expert Canyons guides will lead you in abseiling, climbing, jumping and sliding down steep canyon walls and waterfalls to deep pools below.Journey through intimate passages of contorted rock and powerful blasts of water. As pioneers of canyoning in Nepal, we introduced this adventure sport and offer a variety of canyons; from exploratory walks to some of Nepal's most extreme environments.Panglang,Khanglang,bhukute and sundarijal are the most exciting cites.


Paragliding is a relatively new adventure sport in Nepal. Paragliding can be a truly wonderful and fulfilling experience for the adventure-seekers. You can experience unparalleled scenic grandeur as you share airspace with Himalayan griffin vultures, eagles, kites, while floating over villages, monasteries, temples, lakes and jungles, with a fantastic view of the majestic Himalayas.
Here are various deals for the paragliding enthusiast as well as those seeking this sport out for the first time. There is a three-day introductory course for beginners, as well as tandem flights (where you fly with an instructor) for the inexperienced. At 6000 ft, you sit back in your seat as your qualified pilot takes you on an unforgettable journey. The take-off point for these flights is Sarankot aand Bandipur which offers prime views of Phewa Tal and the mountains at sunrise and sunset (provided the skies are clear); the landing is by the lake.

National parks


Chitan richest wildlife reserves with an area of 932 sq. km.Chitwan is in the South of Kathmandu.Accessible 4-5 hours driving or 35 minutes flight from Kathmandu or Pokhara.Place of indigenous Tharu people,home of unique one-horned rhinocers, majestic Royal Bengal tiger, many species of deer,largest number of local and migrated birds More than 450, crocodile family with the rare species of Marshmugger Gharial and numerous flora and fauna can be found.


Largest but least visited by adventur travellers is located in the remote Far Western Terai.Reach there by bus 12-13 hours from Kathmandu or taking a 90 minutes flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj than few hours Van drive. The only national park in Nepal with a large territory of Royal Bengal Tigers,big river home of dolphin.


The reserve provides the best Adventure of spotting hundreds of rare species of birds,butter flies, dolphins.


Nepal has every category of accommodation facilities that range from the international standard star hotels to budget guest houses and lodges. In order to have an assured quality service. In the last few decades Kathmandu and Pokhara with the rest of Nepal has seen a mushrooming effect of world class hotels.
We arrange all necessary domestic and international air tickets and overland transport may require as part of tour.



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